Types Of Termite Control

If you have an infestation of termites you will need to consider the termite control options available. There are 4 common termite control methods that you should consider which are non-chemical solutions, chemical solutions, barrier solutions and termite baits. The method that you choose should be one you are comfortable with and that will rid your home of termites.

Non-Chemical Termite Control

A lot of people are not comfortable with the use of chemicals in their homes and they should turn to non-chemical termite solutions. One of these solutions would be to have a physical barrier erected during the construction of the house. This barrier will prevent the termite infestation from starting.

Another non-chemical solution is to use biological control agents. These agents include fungus and nematodes which attack the termites and kill them. There has been success in laboratory studies when using biological agents, but the use is not regulated by the FDA and could be difficult to apply.

Chemical Solutions

There are a number of EPA approved chemical solutions that can be used on termites. The EPA has tested these pesticides and concluded that they are safe to use. The chemical solutions that can be used to control termite infestations are called termiticides and you will need to purchase these for use in your home.

The approved treatments using chemicals include liquid soil-applied termiticides and termite baits. You can also purchase building materials which have termiticides within their structure. There are also special wood treatments that you should consider.

Barrier Treatment Solutions

One of the most commonly used termite solutions is a soil-applied barrier treatment. This treatment will have termiticides applied to the soil around the home and act as a barrier stopping the termites from getting to the house. It is important that these treatments are conducted properly and by a professional.

If the barrier treatment is not completed correctly it can cause a contamination of the house and the drinking water should it be drawn from a well. The treatment will also be ineffective against termites if not done correctly. The professional you hire to complete this task should be licensed and trained in the use of the pesticides.

Using Termite Bait

Over the years, several bait systems have been created to help control insect infestations and limit their effect on human life. The bait systems will use cellulose bait which contains a slow-acting insecticide. The active ingredients in the bait will target different parts of the termite to control and exterminate.

One ingredient in the bait will inhibit the development of insects while another will disrupt the activity of the termites. It is important that you choose a bait system that is designed to target termites. General insect bait systems might not have the ingredients necessary for controlling termites.

Are Pesticides Safe To Use?

As many of the common control methods are chemical based you need to consider whether or not they are safe to use. In the United States, the EPA ensures that all pesticides are correctly labeled with directions and meet safety standards to protect both human life and the environment. While these solutions are toxic, if handled correctly they should not cause harm.