Tips on How to Exterminate Bees

Although bees are an essential part of our agricultural system, that does not necessarily mean that you want them hanging around and buzzing close to you and your loved ones. If you are wondering how to exterminate bees, you have come to the right spot.

When asking yourself how to exterminate bees, it is important to realize that there are various options to do so, for example carpenter bee traps. What this option does is trick bees into entering via a small hole found in a piece of wood. Upon entry the bee falls into a plastic bottle that is empty.

This method however is not effective for bee control; it will not actually treat the source of a bee infestation. Yes some bees will be trapped, but you will still be left with an infestation on your hands. Another point is that being as bees are beneficial pollinators, instead of killing them, they should be relocated so this is not a method that entomologists, pest management professionals or beekeepers recommend.

Covering a bee hive with a plastic tarp allowing the sun to heat the hive to a temperature that the bees will not be able to survive or vacuuming the hive out are also other methods of bee removal. These however are also not the most effective and in the end could most likely result in hordes of angry bees that will try to sting you so they are also dangerous options.

When all’s said and done, the best solution when wondering how to exterminate bees is to call a pest management control professional or a beekeeper. They are well versed in the methods that will work for the specific type of bee you are dealing with and will have the proper protective gear to safely get the job done.

What to Avoid

It is important the exit hole to the bee colony never be sealed. Much like wasps, bees will look for another exit; this could mean your home. If it is a hive that contains honey, it has to be removed by a professional. If a professional does not remove the hive prior to the wax decaying, this could result in not only a honey-waxy mess but even worse, structural damage. It could also attract other insects that once the bees are gone, will come around to feast on the honey.

It is important the children, pets or other people in general not be around as you attempt to handle a bee problem and you should always wear a proper protective gear. There are sources who say that on cloudy or windy days, bees tend to be more aggressive as in these conditions, they are unable to hunt for food. Keep in mind however that in any sort of weather condition, bees do tend to be short tempered so it is important to always approach with caution.

Once again, the best way to really get rid of a bee problem is to have a professional asses and handle the situation and avoid attempting to do so yourself.