Just a few honey bees buzzing around your home could be an indication of a hive or colony located nearby, possibly on your property. Bees have a way of setting up a hive in the most inconvenient place like inside walls, ceilings or basements. So just because you can’t see a hive or swarm doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t one closer than you may think.

While bees are not actually a huge threat, it is a good idea to have your home and property expertly inspected by our Oakland bee removal team. We will not only find where the bees may be hiding but also identify the species and extent of the problem. Make sure you hire a bee removal expert.

This assessment is very important in order to plan the best bee removal strategy. Bees are considered to be one of the most important insects in the ecosystem and are largely responsible for the pollination of most plant species. Safe bee removal and relocation to an area where the bees will be of benefit is therefore the ideal solution. In many areas, beekeepers will remove the bees for you and take the bees to service their hives to produce more honey, wax and other commercial bee products.

However, in some circumstances, eradication must be considered. In the event that the bees are located in a position or space where removal is difficult or impossible, the bees may need to be eliminated. Where they are located in walls or ceilings, damage to the structure and the cost of repairs after the removal of the bees must also be considered. However, eradication is a last resort and Oakland bee removal experts will do their best to remove the bees safely and humanely.

Identifying the species is also important. Although calls for bee removal services are largely due to an invasion of the Western Honeybee, hybrid or other species may present a problem. African bees are of specific significance in species identification as these bees are highly aggressive and can attack in swarms that have been known to cause fatalities. The value of removing and relocating African Bees must be weighed up against the risks involved with dealing with this dangerous bee species.

It must however be stressed that African Bees are very rare in Oakland and the surrounding areas. However, if you have a bee problem, it is best to be sure that they aren’t an aggressive species or hybrid before having them removed or an attack occurring.

It is also critical to deal with a bee problem immediately should you or anyone living in or around the property be allergic to bee stings. Just one sting could result in hospitalization or at worst, be fatal. Even if you feel a little paranoid for calling in the experts for just a few bee sightings, it is best to be safe than sorry.

If you aren’t allergic and don’t have a specific dislike for bees, the bees can be relocated to a more appropriate area on your property and be provided with a bee box that you can access for a steady supply of delicious honey.

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